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Serchrom s.a.s. is a private company providing technical and application support for chromatography instruments.

Thanks to the experience of its staff, grown in the field of technical support ( Varian background, with more than 25 years activity as customer support and service organization for all chromatography products, on the whole Italian territory), we can provide professional and full support mostly on Varian instruments (company acquired by Agilent in 2010, with part of the product lines sold to Bruker).

Our skill allows us to support the following products: For this range of product lines we can offer the best support for any of you service needs: direct contact with our qualified and skilled staff enables a valuable support in real time, with the possibility of correct identification of problems, which is often solved over the phone, by mail or just by sending the needed parts, in order to avoid delays in lab activity, and reduce costs caused by the need of a service visit.