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Hardware repair

Mechanical and electronic repair. In addition to the "traditional" entire modules and / or boards exchange, we are able to provide repairs at the component level, enabling a significant cost savings.

Instrument Maintenance and qualification

The high level of skill of our staff allows us to perform service in accordance with procedures developed by the manufacturer, and to make functional operational tests in order to reflect instrument specifications. We can provide setup and optimization of analytical methods: implementing most of widely used analytical methods and optimization of the instrumental parameters in order to achieve the best performance for your own purposes.

Training on instrument use and software

Customized training based on actual needs and background skill of end users.

Hardware Upgrade

Devices and modules upgrades (eg injectors or detectors for GC - GC and HPLC Autosampler - etc.) in order to update your instruments to meet the increasing market demands and needs.

Supply and spare parts

We devote ourselves almost exclusively to the assistance of products from a single brand, and therefore we have the availability of the majority of the parts needed, resulting in the possibility of giving responses and problem resolutions in a faster way with respect to other operators. In addition to the manufacturers'parts and components, we supply spare parts compatible or original but purchased by the manufacturers themselves, with considerable savings compared to conventional channels.

Sales of reconditioned instruments and modules

Our high degree of expertise and industry knowledge allows us to process and then offer exclusively equipment of proven quality, serviced and tested with reference to the operating parameters and manufacturer's specifications. All of our proposals are accompanied by a warranty for periods ranging from three months to one year depending on the product type and conditions agreed - We are interested to take delivery of your abandoned equipment, and put at your service our knowledge and experience to find and recondition instruments of interest to you.

Further support

We are also able to give advice and support on Agilent (GC - HPLC - GCMS) and Perkin Elmer equipment (HPLC - GC).